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Microscopic Endodontics

Treatment Using an Oral Microscope

You will be treated with microscopic precision in a variety of procedures at our clinics. Besides magnifying glasses, an oral microscope raises diagnostic accuracy and quality of treatment to a new level and allows dentists to carry out more precise procedures within general and aesthetic dentistry. With the help of an oral microscope, our doctors in Bratislava and Žilina can work with up to 25 times higher magnification and thus can provide treatment with microscopic precision. The operating microscope is of fundamental importance when working with root canals – endodontics. It gives us the opportunity to have a perfect overview of the environment we treat, the certainty of quality treatment in very small spaces, such as root canals, and often have a chance to save otherwise untreatable teeth.

We are also increasingly using the microscope for different types of fillings. We can now precisely remove damaged parts of the tooth. We can better see the interdental spaces, so that the resulting filling or crown is placed in a healthy tooth environment. We model the prepared filling under the microscope to the smallest detail so that it is both functional and aesthetic.

What are the benefits of treatment with an oral microscope?

  • we can even see the hard-to-reach and otherwise invisible areas of the tooth
  • you have the guaranty of precise treatment
  • because of its precision, the completed work lasts longer
  • enables us to use a mini-invasive approach
  • better ergonomics - less taxing work for the attending physician, improving the ability to concentrate and the quality of the operation
  • better collaboration with the dental assistant who can see the procedure on a large monitor/TV

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