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Thank you to all the amazing people at this clinic, especially the specialists, for your excellent work and dedication. I made sure to come back here to have my other wisdom tooth removed after I was happy with the results from my first wisdom tooth removal. Very few dentists perform this type of surgical procedure, so I’d especially like to thank the brilliant Dr. Kamenický, who finally put an end to my wisdom teeth issues after one of them had been growing in, perhaps, the worst way possible. I also really appreciated the nurse’s willingness to help me. She was able to squeeze me in to see the doctor despite him being all booked up. Everyone was very kind and helpful overall. THANK YOU and I will definitely recommend you to people I know. I’m also seriously considering switching my primary dentist to your office.


Incredibly friendly from the first phone call. Our young son had a toothache, so we filled out a form online. They called us immediately and scheduled an appointment. The doctor and nurses were all amazing. Thank you. Next time there’s a toothache, we’ll be sure to come to you.


I visited this urgent dental care clinic with a painful, swollen tooth that ended up having to be extracted. My lifelong fear of dentists was put to rest by the doctor and nurse thanks to their patience and professionalism. Removing the tooth was almost completely painless. I want to thank you for doing such an excellent job and for helping me regain my trust in dentists. I also must commend the cosy atmosphere and the well-equipped clinic facilities. Even with my painful tooth I felt comfortable here from the moment I walked in.


An excellent approach by Dr. Šima – a very compassionate and knowledgeable doctor. I left feeling completely informed and moreover with a list of recommendations. A clever nurse and nice girls working at the reception desk. Thank you for the exact treatment I needed.


I went for treatment today and I must say, the staff there are perfect, and the doctor has the Midas touch. I’m 53 years old and I’ve never experienced better treatment in my life, thank you.


Hello, I visited the urgent dental care clinic on December 23rd because I was experiencing pain with my wisdom tooth. The dentist was very skilled and had a pleasant demeanour, which helped me a lot mentally. He removed the tooth in just a matter of minutes, everything was great. Highly recommended!


I have nothing but good experiences. The dental surgery and dental hygiene are top-notch. During my time spent with the dental hygienist, I learned a lot of useful tips on how to properly clean my teeth. Highly recommended.


100% would recommend! Flawless professionalism, painless treatment, a delightful team, and excellent doctors. I felt very comfortable there. Complete satisfaction on all fronts.


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We aim to provide patients with world-class dental care in a modern and pleasant environment. What sets us apart is our personalized and compassionate approach towards every patient.
We strive to prioritize comfort, precision, and a painless experience during treatment, ensuring long-term durability and satisfaction among patients of all age groups. We embrace a minimally invasive philosophy. You can find our clinics in Bratislava, Trnava, Žilina, and Prešov.

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